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Last week Nokia invited me to take part in a recent campaign they’re supporting called Agit8. Timed to precede the G8 meetings, ONE asked lots of musicians, artists and actors to cover well-known protest songs and invited others to perform their favourite protest song on a soap-box stage outside the Tate Modern.

They also contacted photographers and asked them to send in images that illustrated and explored some of the themes in the protest songs. I sent a few images in, and a few of these were selected (unbeknownst to me, as part of a competition which two of us had won) to be projected onto the exterior of the most-visited modern art gallery in the world. (!)

I headed up to London on Tuesday and attended the gala reception on the top-floor of the TM. It was a fairly small gathering, and it was a bit surprising to turn and realise that I had been standing next to Ed Miliband and very near Colin Firth. Angélique Kidjo played a few songs and then we headed out, with Richard Curtis, to watch his short film screened on the side of the building. After this, photos were projected directly onto the ex-power station’s chimney - including a few of mine (see picture above). I imagine I will never see my work displayed in such a large format ever again. It was an enjoyably bizarre evening to say the least.

I took some shots of the artists playing the next day; Tom McRae, KT Tunstall, Dancing Years, David Crowder, Tom Odell, Carly Connor, Jeremy Irvine, Newton Faulkner, Zucchero, James Morrison, Biffy Clyro and David Gray amongst others. More can be seen on my new flickr photo-dump http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomalprice/sets/72157634156170954/.

The picture that you can see projected onto the chimney here was taken last year in Freedom Square, Yei, South Sudan and shows government workers striking due to having not been paid wages for four months.

Find out more about the campaign here: Protest Songs

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Ethiopian singer Eddy Afro

Children of Africa

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It Only Takes One Person … to take action. make a difference. change a life. Photo credit: Karen Walrond, Chookooloonks.com